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Heal your body naturally with proven herbs and consultations from Kings Mountain Farm LLC In business since 1995, we work and operate with the food and gifts of the Holy Spirit God has given us to lead you step-by-step through the healing process. It is our belief the God has given us everything we need to heal our bodies and minds, and we are committed to helping you through the process of gaining greater health. Contact our natural healing expert in Blacksburg, SC  and discover its many benefits.

About Us
Our mission is to bring new life to your mind, body, and spirit. We seek to educate you on herbs, bodily cleansing, and individual health needs to empower you to take charge of your own health. We believe God wants you to have abundant health, and we use prayer and His gifts of the Holy Spirit for physical and emotional healing. We believe that every person has the right to learn the God-given, life-enhancing practices embodied in naturopathy and herbalism that will help him or her maintain mental, physical, and emotional health. We believe that herbs are food, and they have the ability to cleanse, tone, and rebuild tissue.

Our Owner
Wendy Creel is a Naturopath and Master Herbalist who earned her degree at Trinity College of Natural Health. Mrs. Creel started studying botany and wild crafting herbs in 1978. She has been in private practice since 1997. Consultations use kinesiology, iridology, and the gifts of the Holy Spirit to determine the areas of your body that need cleansing and rebuilding. Herbs, diet, and naturopathic principles  are all individually tailored to cleanse your body of toxins, rebuild weakened systems, and bring forth renewed life.

Please be advised that nothing on this site has been approved by the FDA.  This is not a medical diagnosis, nor is King Mountain Farm in any way associated with diagnosing or prescribing medicines.

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Mrs. Creel attends Cornerstone Family Worship Center. She is on the healing and prophetic team. She operates in the gifts of healing, knowledge, wisdom and the prophecy.

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One thought on “Welcome

  1. Hi Wendy!
    I attended all your presentations last year at the library and have heard recently that they have been discontinued. I am highly disappointed of this. I truly believe in earthly healings and loved so much attending your presentations and learning about the herbs that promote this. Your knowledge on herbs and natural health/healing is extraordinary.

    I was hoping that, perhaps, you have found another venue. Please keep me informed if you will be speaking anywhere else so I can continue to learn and help spread the word about natural healing/health.

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