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“Wendy, he is doing wonderfully (my dog)! The little white scar on his eye has completely disappeared, and today is the 2nd day he has had in a row without limping! That hasn’t happened since September (at least). The small cysts under his skin are getting even smaller; one has virtually disappeared. Also, his breath smells sweet, his eyes are bright, and his coat is even more beautiful than before. I am thrilled and telling EVERYONE who will listen about the advice you offered and the results. Today, when we took our morning walk, I got choked up just watching him prance along without a limp. It feels great to have found a solution so my friend isn’t in pain anymore. Thank you SO very much, Wendy.” – Robin
“Wendy, You helped me a lot the months I worked with you. I switched to almond Milk from Soy and have used it for around a year, thanks to you. Through you I was able to continue buying Natures Sunshine. You told me about White Oak bark that was also a good source of Calcium. I liked working with you because you were very dependable and down to earth. Since I love horses, I had figured that anyone who could treat horses could treat humans.” – Grace Martin
“About two years ago, after years of minor health problems that mainstream doctors could do nothing to stop, I was prescribed an antibiotic that I was allergic to. As a result, I experienced a health crisis worse than the original condition. After hearing about Wendy from friends, I contacted her. Through herbs, nutrition, and prayer, I was able to detoxify; the allergic reaction and the original condition were both treated, and my health has been improving ever since. I thank God for bringing me to Wendy.” – Laura
“Healing begins here!!! I started out with recurring sinus headaches. Wendy was open to recommend herbs to heal my body and also teach me how to use herbs and understand what my body needs to maintain great health. I feel better than I ever have and rarely feel bad. I’m extremely in tune with my body and what it needs and I know how to give it the best quality products at a very reasonable price. I highly recommend visiting Wendy if you want Healing. She is a true gift of GOD.” – June S. Watts
Wendy, thank you for saving my life.
Before coming to you I would go days without a bowel movement, a problem that plagued me my entire life. As a result I had no energy and the simplest of tasks took tremendous effort. I actually would put off going to the restroom as it would take almost all my energy. No matter what I would try the results were never consistent. Even the doctors were no help other than recommending a laxative. I was wondering how much longer I had to live when I looked through the ads and was drawn to yours.
You addressed the total body, mind, and spirit. Through your guidance I have my life back. You diagnosed my entire
system. Everyday I am using a colon cleanser and other herbs you prescribed. I recommend you to all my friends.
May God bless you and your family.

Hi Wendy, 
I’m 63 years old, and for the first time I was told by my dental hygenist that “there was nothing to clean”.  
On May 8, 2008, I started using your toothpowder. I changed nothing else in my dental hygiene routine. 
On October 22, 2008, I heard that welcome news from my hygenist. She told me “whatever you’re doing, keep on doing it”.
In May, a periodontist told me I’d need extensive scaling and root planing, and surgery because of my multiple, very deep gum pockets. Next April, I’ll find out if the depths of any of those pockets look better. For now, the gums look much healthier. The hygenist said they look less inflamed, had better color, and didn’t bleed at all. 
Thanks for sharing your story about your dental issues and how you corrected it them with your toothpowder. 

Sue Geswein

Wow, Wendy … this is kinda unbelievable… even my urologist is shocked…

The normal Prostate Specific Antigen level range is between 0 and 4. In April of 2008, my PSA was 4.6, up from 2.4 the previous Spring. I got a biopsy, was diagnosed with cancer May 6th. I scheduled an appointment to have my prostate removed on July 18. I came to your class in June and BEGAN to learn a lot! From there, my ears were tuned in to whatever news concerning the prostate came my way. I chose to drastically change my diet, and by July 6th, I went completely vegan. I called to cancel my surgery appt., but I kept my pre-op appt. with my urologist on July 10. In conversation that day, he stated 3 times that “the cancer will not go away!” He did not approve of my choice. But I told him that I have no one to be responsible to/for except myself (my wife left me, have no kids, both parents are dead), so just let me do it! There was nothing more he could say to me. We scheduled a follow-up appt. for Oct. 3rd, when I would then make an appt. for another biopsy.

It was indeed a drastic change in my diet, Wendy, but I stuck with it. I guess my mind-set was “life or death.” I’ve also been walking the treadmill. I had more blood work done before the Oct. 3 appt., —and my PSA level dropped down to 1.8! Even lower than it was last year! My doctor is amazed, was truly excited that I just may be proving him wrong, and he said, “Whatever you are doing, keep doing it!” He also said there will be no need just yet for another biopsy (praise the Lord), and he wants to see me again in four monthsI really didn’t expect anything to be different before at least six months. In the Hallelujah Acres Diet testimonies I’ve read, it seems the average time was about ten months after changing the diet!I’ve pretty well alkalized my circulatory system, and I eat a lot of raw vegetables when I don’t actually juice them. I take the saw palmetto regularly, and I eat about four ounces of raw pumpkin/sunflower seeds each daySo there you have it. It works. And faith has been a major factor. And I still have my prostate  Jack.

Hey there! Just wanted to let you know that my lab work came back great. Normal levels for B-12, thyroid, red blood cells (all of which used to be low), and excellent cholesterol and triglyceride levels. Thanks for helping me take good care of myself! May God bless your practice.
Hi Wendy, I had the colonoscopy yesterday and the doctor found no polyps and no disease.  I am just filled with joy and gratitude.
I think so much healing happened that day that we were together.  If there had been any problem, I think it was resolved then.  I want to thank you and to encourage you to do your healing prayer work more often.  People know you for your herbal wisdom, but there is so much more.
And, what a great team you have with you-Jesus and all his helpers!!
                                                   Love, Cheryl
Wendy – I never thanked you for the advice – so thank you! We tried the
crushed garlic in olive oil drops, and after about 3 days the pain was gone.
Whether it was the garlic or it would have gone away anyway, I don’t know –
but your advice about antibiotics not working for ear infections reinforced
what I already thought, so we cancelled the dr appt we had made and decided
to wait it out.

I appreciate your help!



I just wanted to say thank you! I immediately went out and bought the
Juniper berries in capsules and started taking them just as you said, I
could tell a difference in the pain in a little more than 24 hours. It did
increase my frequency AND my energy, but I was glad of that because we were
moving all at the same time! I don’t know how glad I was that the frequency
was increased…but I am used to being a frequent potty person anyway…so,
I took them just as you said. 

Now it has been a couple of weeks since I stopped taking them and I have to
report that my frequency isn’t so frequent! I haven’t been getting up in the
middle of the night to potty :O) I have visited stores that I didn’t have to
go!! And in Sam’s that is a blessing!!! I don’t know how the employees stand
to go in there! 
But the most impressive thing that has happened is on Sunday I ate something
that usually sets my bladder off…I ate it thinking well, I know that the
Juniper berries worked the last time and Monday is New Leaf’s supplement
discount day (aren’t I so bad?) But my bladder never hurt! It has been fine!

So, to all the rest of the people who contacted me off of this thread who
sympathized with my bladder pain, try Wendy’s suggestion! It works!!! 

In Christ’s Love,
Bethany Hunt
“And he [Jesus] is the propitiation for our sins: and not for ours only, but
also for the sins of the whole world.” 1 John 2:2

Wendy creel is an excellent NDMH.  She has the ability to recognize the signs of an ailment, and the knowledge to determine the correct remedy. It has been my pleasure to recommend her to friends and relatives, and my joy to see them returned to health. I am grateful to her for my own continued good health. Anyone who is ill would do well to visit her.  

Reba Goodman

I have three uterine fibroids which are not fatal, but cause a list of symptoms from heavy bleeding to the inability to carry a child to full term. Surgery has been recommended, but I decided to use herbal healing. I have worked with Wendy since May of 2006 and not only did she address healing through herbs, cleansing, and nutrition but also through spiritual reformation. The application of the treatment plan laid out by Wendy has produced results such as the slowing of the growth of my fibroids (my last Ob-Gyn measurement of the growth pattern indicated this), the heavy bleeding has reduced, and the pre-menstrual syndrome, all of which I experience intensely, have improved in seven months. I know that with continued application of the treatment plan the fibroids will dissolve inside my body. Thank you Wendy,

Diane A.

Wendy – so good to hear from you. I am glad to know you are creating a
web site. You can add my comments that Wendy Creel is one of the most
thoughtful, dedicated healers I have known. She combines her extensive
knowledge of herbal properties and biological functions with her deep
faith in addressing her patients’ needs. Her counsel goes a long way
toward maintaining a healthy immune system with the strength to combat
forces that attack body, mind and spirit. 


Wendy – I wanted to let you know that I am feeling so much better.  You were right about starting to feel better on Saturday.  Since then I have felt much better than I have in a long time, have lots of energy, able to accomplish things.  Thanks for your help! Jana


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