Men Need Hormones Too

Men also need to feed their hormones and their endocrine system too.  We hear all about women needing hormone therapy, but the men are silent. This is probably because they do not recognize their symptoms of; loss of libido, poor concentration, lack of energy and weight gain as sign of diminished hormone production.

Male Hormone Balance  contains:

American Ginseng which historically is know to increase energy and stamina. It has organic compounds with the same structure as hormones, thereby adding in the production of estrogen, testosterone and adrenal cortisone. It improves metabolic energy and rejuvenates the endocrine system. Ginsengs lengthens concentration, repairs physical and mental strength after extreme fatigue.  Considered a longevity herb, this is the herb know for its restorative powers.

Siberian Ginseng or Eleutherococcus, is one of the worlds best tonics. It increases the body resistance to stress, regulates neurotransmitters in the brain to counter mental fatigue. Siberian Ginseng increases physical stamina and prolongs physical endurance. It spurs production of RNA and DNA and male hormones, it stimulates the endocrine system and acts as insulin to normalize blood sugar.  Another powerhouse herb!

Saw Palmetto stimulates both male and female hormones and regulates hormones and glands. Reduces prostate inflammation, low libido, impotence, testes atrophy, improves testes performance and regulates weight. Saw Palmetto helps to build the flesh in underweight people and to build health after wasting diseases.

Sarsaparilla has compounds resembling three human hormone Testosterone, Cortin and Progesterone for mental and physical vitality, impotence and male genital swelling and hair growth. It is a counter active agent against aging, old age wasting and restores the constitution and flesh in the emaciated. Sarsaparilla has glycosides for age spots, inner strength and gland and hormone balance.

Cardamom. For centuries, cardamom has been touted as having aphrodisiac properties with the ability to cure impotency. Cardamom contains several blood clot-preventing components. Studies show that the many layers of phytonutrients in cardamom even offer cancer protection and improved blood circulation, which is heart protective. This herb is a stimulant bringing warmth and circulation to all major organs and improving digestion.

This is a wealth of restoration in a 4 oz bottle!  God created herbs and food to repair, restore and rejuvenate broken and worn parts of our body.  Be proactive in your health and grab a hold of this guys and women get this for your men!

For women wanting a similar remedy look at my Super Energy Formula


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