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 In the process of starting to cleanse your body of toxins, you must look at how your body gets rid of toxic matter.

You need to see your colon as the “main drain” of your body. The colon is the major sewer system by which your body gets rid of toxic material. If you have been eating devitalized or dead food for most of your life your colon has become not only nonfunctional, but has built up a lining of dead, toxic material. It is probably also home to a variety of unwanted guests such as parasites, yeast and fungus.

The first step in any cleansing program is to do the Home Colonic or go to someone specializes in colon cleansing. If the “main drain” is not cleaned out and the unwanted guest eliminated by specific herbal medicinals, then just like your kitchen sink the filth will back up into your body causing further disease.

The home colonic is very important in keeping the down and outward flow of the body going so that parasites and the die off from yeast have a way to exit the body. If the bowel is not kept open the dead matter will circulate your body causing flu like symptoms.

Always incorporate a good bowel cleaner along with your colonic to help restart a sluggish colon and to repair and restore damaged and diseased tissue. 

The home colonic is designed to wash and clean out and empty the entire colon or the large intestines. You can do this at home and it is easy. You must first purchase at the drug store a hot water bottle with the enema / douche attachments.

Fill the water bottle with distilled water at room temperature. Elevate the water bottle about 1 foot above you. Lie on the floor or in the bathtub with a pillow wrapped in a plastic garbage bag under your bottom to elevate. Also put some old towels on the floor in case you leak water or fecal matter.

Begin by lying on your back, greasing the rectum and enema attachment (before inserting open the clip so the air runs out of the hose) inserting it into the rectum and introducing about 8-16 oz of water. You will probably cramp and need to immediately expel this in the toilet. You may have to repeat this 2-3 times just to get the fecal matter out of the descending colon.

Next fill the enema bag again and lie on your left side and let the water into your sigmoid and descending colon. You may feel some cramping, but shut off the water and take deep breaths, relax and wait until the cramping subsides. Try to introduce as much water as possible before having to expel it.

Fill the descending colon with as much water as possible (you may have to pull the enema out and refill the bag) and then roll over onto your back so the water travels across the transverse colon. Have the pillow under you bottom to elevate you as much as possible.

You want to keep the water flowing at this point and roll over to your right side so the water enters you ascending colon. When you feel full of water stop and lie there. You want to elevate your bottom as high as possible; you may massage your colon to release old fecal matter.

After 5 minutes get up on the toilet. You may find nothing comes out, just relax and do some deep breathing. The more you relax the more water and fecal matter will come out. Now at this point you may want to start the enema procedure all over again!!! You won’t have to do the rectal flushes; your body will accept a high enema immediately the first time.

After you have emptied all the water out of the colon you must introduce an implant. An implant replaces lost minerals or soothes irritated tissues. The best is wheat grass using 3-4 ounces and leaving it in the colon. Other herbs you can use include red clover, chaparral, barley grass, liquid chlorophyll and aloe vera gel (for colitis). The implants will be absorbed directly into the colon and are not to be expelled.

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